Sinônimos em Inglês

1. Struggle: fight (luta)

2. Amounts: quantities (quantidades)

3. Figures: Numbers (números)

4. Research: survey (pesquisa)

5. Pain: ache (dor)

6. Crash: collision (colisão)

7. Doctor: physician (médico)

8. Lawyer: attorney (advogado)

9. Increase: growth (aumento)

10. Ratio: proportion (proporção)

11. To die: to perish (morrer)

12. To shout: to scream (gritar)

13. To fire: to sack (demitir)

14. To hire: to employ (contratar)

15. To resign: to quit (demitir-se)

16. To overturn: to turn upside down (capotar)

17. To confront: to face (enfrentar)

18. To look for: to search (procurar)

19. To look like: to resemble (parecer)

20. To take care of: to look after (cuidar de)